SP101 No Bucket (Evergreen/40)

You Can Become a Confident Sensory Parent!

If you are stressed by...

- Baffling behaviors that don't seem consistent

- Chaotic bedtimes, bath times, meal times and more

- Professionals that don't "see" what you see at home

- Family members that just don't "get it"

If you need help...

- Handling meltdowns so your child can regain control quickly

- Seeing the world through a sensory lens so you can be the best advocate for your child

- Deciphering sensory terms so you can interact with your child's medical professional

- Getting out of survival mode so your whole family can thrive

Then you need a Sensory Game Plan! 

You need Sensory Parenting 101! 

  • A parent with a Sensory Game Plan sees their child through a sensory lens and can meet real needs, not just react to behavior.  
  • A parent with a Sensory Game Plan knows how to make every minute count as they use all the tools around them to get their children the sensory input they crave.  
  • A parent with a Sensory Game Plan can confidently partner with medical professionals as they advocate for what's in their child's best interest.  
  • A parent with a Sensory Game Plan can teach others how to meet their child's unique needs even when the parent is not around.  
  • A parent with a Sensory Game Plan has hope because they have the next steps laid out before them, a tribe supporting them, and a way to make life change happen.

Access the E-course on any device, at your convenience, 24/7! Come back to review anytime!

Check out what topics we cover...

Plus Two New Lessons by Popular Request...

Potty Training Issues and Hair Cutting/Brushing Issues!!! 

It's Down to Earth and Practical! 

  • What to do at mealtimes, so your child doesn't throw your culinary masterpiece across the room. Get healthy!  
  • What to do at bath time, so your child doesn't fight you like a slippery anaconda. Get squeaky clean!  
  • How to find comfortable clothing, so your child doesn't have to move to a nudist colony. Get dressed!  
  • What to do with hair brushing and cutting, so your child doesn't look like they're being raised by wolves. Get detangled!  
  • How to potty train, so your diapering bill doesn't surpass your food budget. Get fresh!  
  • What to do about sleep, so your child doesn't become a creature of the night. Get some beauty rest!

The Extra Goodies...

Take what you've learned and put it into practice. We've created tons of free printables that you can download and use over and over again. There's visual reminders for your home and cheatsheets to bring to office visits. There's also worksheets that help you take what you're learning and formulate a unique sensory game plan for your family. 

Hear from Other Sensory Parents Who Took the Course...

"When I think of sensory parenting, I feel overwhelmed and sometimes assume managing and coping are as good as it gets, however, this course taught me that we can truly thrive with the right help. You can begin Sensory Parenting 101 with little understanding of SPD, and come out knowledgeable and ready to create a sensory game plan for you and your child."

Ashley M.

"Sometime it takes a complete stranger from halfway across the planet to help you make sense of things- thank you Julie and Janet! You are more knowledgeable than any OT I have access to here." 

Kachina C.

"I would have loved to have had this info when I started this journey. Even though I am very educated in Sensory Processing Disorder, I STILL found new tips that I plan to use with my son and his particular challenges."

Miranda M.

"Your course is like a one stop shop of information. It's so valuable to go to find answers and suggestions to help me be able to understand what my daughter is experiencing. It also helps me not feel crazy! You guys know SPD better than anyone!"

CeCe A.

Written by a Mom and Grandma in the Trenches

Julie Nixon is raising three little ones and loves being a wild boy mom. Her oldest son was diagnosed with SPD four years ago. It is now her mission to encourage and equip other sensory parents on their journey.

Janet Darms is an OTA with tons of experience in pediatric sensory issues. She homeschooled her son with learning difficultes and helps her daughter, Julie build a sensory friendly home life.

Two Ways to Get Educated!

Freshman Class Orientation (Just the Basics)

- Lifetime access to 18 self-paced lessons

- Printable activties lists, terminology guide, parental observation chart and MORE!


Upperclassmen Camaraderie (Snazzy Extras)

- Lifetime access to 18 self-paced lessons 

- Printable activties lists, terminology guide, parental observation chart and MORE!


- A PDF of all the lesson content so that you can print out a hard copy. 

- Membership to the exclusive private Facebook group where you'll have access to Julie, Janet, and other students' perspectives 

- BONUS Customizable printable brochure so caregivers can know your child's unique sensory needs


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Frequently Asked Questions...

1) My child hasn't been officially diagnosed with SPD. Would we still benefit from this course? Yes! Everyone has sensory needs and can benefit from parents that understand sensory influences and aid them in getting helpful sensory input. There's even an entire lesson on WHEN and HOW to get professional help. 2) Do I have to be a parent to take this course? Nope! In fact, it was co-written by a grandma. While the content is geared towards home-life; teachers, extended family members, and caring friends can help make the world a more sensory understanding place. While it's not written to occupational therapy students, it could be helpful for them to see things from a parents' point of view. 3) How is this Ecourse different than info I can find for free on the internet? If you want to spend MONTHS researching and searching, you could probably find some of this information for free. But we've LIVED the sensory life. We've gathered all the information together in one place. We've put it in an order that makes sense and will leave you empowered, not overwhelmed. The lessons have been designed to take parents from no understanding of sensory things, all the way to having a rockin' sensory game plan that helps life run smooth. You'll have an experienced sensory mom and her OTA mother holding your hand through the whole process. 4) Can this course take the place of going to the doctor or occupational therapist? NO!!! And we'll emphasize it over and over again. We cannot diagnosis or treat SPD. We can equip you as a parent to partner with medical professionals to bring about serious change in your home. 5) When does the course start and finish? The course starts as soon as you buy it! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish. You can even repeat the course whenever you need a refresher. Or simply refer back to a favorite lesson. 6) How long do I have access to the course? You will have access to this course for years to come. Since I can't promise that the internet will still be a thing in 2064, there is also the option to download and print the content (in the premium tier) and refer to it when you're old and gray.  

If you have ANY questions about the course, please feel free to email me (julie@mymundaneandmiraculouslife.com). I'd love to help you sort out if this course is a good fit for your family's unique needs. 

Our Hassle-free, Mama-to-mama, 100% Money-Back Guarantee, Refund Policy 

We would never want you to be unhappy! In fact, we pride ourselves on our hassle-free, mama-to-mama, 100% money-back guarantee refund policy. We are so convinced that this course has the power to transform how you see your child and their sensory needs and will give you the tools to help your child feel more comfortable and in control as they navigate the world around them. And we want you to feel confident that by purchasing this course you will see life change. That's why we give you a month to read through the course, fill out those printables, hang them on the wall and start applying what you've learned to your child's daily life! And if you still aren't having any light bulb moments or sensory victories, if you're not seeing exponential change as you partner with medical professionals, just shoot me an email within 30 days of purchasing and you'll get every cent back, no questions asked. I promise! We want to get this course into your hands and we're willing to stand behind it!

Picture understanding the underlying causes of your child's behavior... Envision your household routines no longer being battlegrounds... Imagine your child comfortable and confident in the world around them.  

But as you know, dreaming won't make it happen. You need to make a decision now about how involved you will be in your child's sensory journey.  

I'm convinced that the number one factor between a child that is barely functioning and a child thriving is parental knowledge and involvement. I'm convinced that you'll make the right choice and join the Sensory Parenting movement. With our mama-to-mama guarantee, you literally have nothing to lose!  

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